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Used John Deere Lawn Equipment: What To Know Before You Buy

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If you’re in the market for John Deere lawn equipment, you might consider buying used. There are a number of benefits to purchasing used lawn equipment – but there are a few drawbacks, too.

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying used lawn equipment and consider them carefully before you buy.

The Benefits Of Buying Used

Cost Savings: The obvious advantage of buying your John Deere lawn equipment used is how much money you’ll save. You’ll be able to buy a high-end, long-lasting John Deere product at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

This makes buying used equipment ideal for homeowners who only use their equipment a few times a month. And it’s great for commercial landscapers, who put a lot of wear and tear on their products and might need to replace equipment that breaks down unexpectedly.

Condition: John Deere equipment is durable, which means you have a good chance of finding used lawn equipment that’s in nearly new shape. Consider your lawn maintenance needs. If you’re a homeowner with a big yard and need a tractor for a few hours each month, a mower that’s a few years old, with little wear and tear, probably meets your needs.

Longevity: John Deere is a top brand in lawn equipment, so you’re paying for quality. These mowers and tractors have much longer lives than their competitors. Entry line John Deere tractors usually have an 5- to 10-year lifespan, and the higher-end series have a 10- to 15-year lifespan. So if you buy a tractor that is three or four years old, it still has quite a few years left on it, with the proper service and care.

Service Partners: Working with a top John Deere service partner increases the lifespan of your lawn equipment even more. Many worry that if they buy a mower that’s a few years old, they won’t be able to find the right parts for it. John Deere service partners alleviate that concern. They offer great service and repairs to keep your used John Deere equipment running like new.

The Drawbacks Of Buying Used

Condition: The majority of used lawn equipment is traded in or sold because it’s worn out. Many owners fail to bring equipment in for maintenance each year (or at all), which means their old equipment probably won’t be up to your standards.

You want to find a mower or tractor that was traded in because the owner wanted a newer model, not because the lawn equipment wasn’t performing well. A reputable dealer will have some information about the previous owner, but you probably won’t know the specifics of its maintenance and repair history.

Product History: When you buy brand-new John Deere lawn equipment, you know exactly how it’s been treated since the day you bought it. Unfortunately, when you buy used, you have no idea how well the previous owner cared for the equipment.

When considering product history, it’s important to distinguish between commercial and residential use. There’s a big difference between a four-year-old mower that’s been used a few times a month by a homeowner, and a four-year-old mower that’s been used 40 hours a week – or more – by a commercial landscaper. You never know what history you’re getting with your used lawn equipment purchase.

Brand: Used models already cost less, but some buyers want to shave the price down even more. So they turn to inferior brands for their used models. You may benefit from cost savings now, but you’ll lose money when you can’t find parts, or someone to perform service, later.

While John Deere service centers are able to meet most repair needs, they can’t always help you out with off-brand models. Unless you buy a used model of a top brand, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find parts or a service technician.

Before you buy used lawn equipment, weight your options carefully. Consider how you’re using it and what your budget is. And always choose a trusted John Deere dealership to partner with.

Learn more about buying new and used lawn equipment in a free consultation with Little’s John Deere experts.

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