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How To Select The Best Mower For 5 Acres Or More

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If you’re maintaining 5 or more acres of land, you know it’s impossible to keep it looking great without a sturdy mower. But with so many premium riding mowers on the market, how do you choose the best one? Lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers for large parcels of land need to be durable and reliable.

Explore these five tips on finding the right riding lawn mower for your property.

1. Survey Your Land

Extensive acreage with flat, grassy expanses is a lot different than a hilly site or acreage with lots of trees and shrubs. The terrain and what’s on it have a big impact on the type of mower you need. Every lot is unique, and when you’re choosing the best mower for 5+ acres, start by considering the makeup of your land. For example, if you have many trees or tight corners around buildings, a zero-turn-radius mower helps you get the job done

 2. Identify Features You Need

After surveying your land, you’ll have a better idea of the features you need in a mower. In addition, most mowers can be customized for your needs with add-on features and upgrades. Some features to consider for your riding lawn mower include:

  • Collection systems and baggers
  • Brush guards
  • Mulching kits and dethatchers
  • Snow blowers
  • Tow-behind carts, spreaders, rollers, aerators and sweepers

3. Research Your Options

Once you’ve outlined the features your mower or tractor should have, research what’s on the market. Narrow down what you’re looking for and define your budget before talking to a dealer; this will save time and make your decision easier. A premium riding mower is a major purchase, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your needs.

4. Stick With A Reputable Brand

Sure, you could choose a cheap, off-brand option. But what you save in initial cost, you sacrifice in quality and service. John Deere offers many industry exclusives, such as all-wheel-steer lawn and garden tractors, in their extensive line-up of models.

And when you purchase a riding lawn mower from an established John Deere dealer, you also have access to their service center, ensuring any tune-up or repair you need is done by the experts. Parts and service are easy to secure when you stick with top brands, and you’re able to rely on their mowers to have a long lifespan.

5. Get Advice From The Experts

Ultimately, if you’re unsure about how to choose best mower for 5 acres or more, just talk to the experts. Any John Deere dealer is available to help you find the mower that best fits your landscaping needs. And they’ll help you buy one within your budget. Dealers work with customers every day to supply durable, reliable mowers. They have the knowledge and experience to help you, too.

When you follow these steps, you’ll easily find the right mower to meet your needs. And with the right mower, you’ll be able to take pride in your well-maintained land.

Learn more about the best riding lawn mowers on the market. Schedule a lawn care information call with Little’s experts today.

How To Select The Best Mower For 5 Acres Or More
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