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10.5 Tips For Log Splitter Safety

If you enjoy an occasional fire in the living room fireplace or backyard fire pit, it’s no big deal to split the wood you need with an axe or maul. If you use firewood for heating, though, or even if you just enjoy the sight and smell of burning wood on a regular basis, you’ve probably considered investing in a log splitter.

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| Author Littles, tagged in Equipment safety

3 Ways To Customize Your John Deere Gator

The point of a utility vehicle is right there in the name: it’s all about utility and getting the job done. Like a Swiss army knife, a utility vehicle comes in different sizes, and it’s designed to be used for all kinds of tasks in a variety of conditions.

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| Author Littles, tagged in Gator Utility Vehicles

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A John Deere Mower

If you’re in the market for a new mower, you should consider your options carefully before buying. Today, there are hundreds of mowers to choose from, each one designed for different landscaping needs.

Explore the ten questions you should ask both yourself and a lawn equipment expert before buying a John Deere mower.

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| Author Littles, tagged in Buying A Mower

Maintenance Schedule: Keep Your Commercial Landscaping Fleet Purring

Summer is here, and your commercial landscaping business is hitting its busiest time of the year. Is your fleet ready to withstand the wear and tear of the busy season?

Daily use is hard on commercial lawn equipment. And every time you have to take your equipment into a service professional, downtime causes a loss in productivity and profits.
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| Author Littles, tagged in Mower Maintenance, Commercial Lawn Equipment

Tune Up For Spring: 7 Quick Maintenance Tips For Your John Deere Mower

As the weather turns warmer, it’s time to bring your mower out of storage. Have you tuned it up for spring use? Because most mowers sit unused all winter, they need a little effort and attention to be in top shape for the warmer months.

Check out these John Deere mower maintenance tips for what you’re able to do at home, and find out what maintenance you should leave to the pros.

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| Author Littles, tagged in Mower Maintenance

3 Reasons You Should Invest In Michelin Tweel Tires

If you’ve ever had a flat tire on your mower, you know that fixing it is a hassle and cuts into your mowing time.

Michelin Tweel tires eliminate the problem of tire replacement and repair. This unique design of this tire-wheel hybrid, an airless tire with poly-resin spokes, prevents the Tweel tire from ever going flat. And some models are designed to fit certain John Deere mowers.

Tweel tires are a great investment for both commercial and residential mowers. Explore the three reasons you should consider putting them on your mower.
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| Author Littles, tagged in Residential Mowers, Commercial Mowers

Used John Deere Lawn Equipment: What To Know Before You Buy

If you’re in the market for John Deere lawn equipment, you might consider buying used. There are a number of benefits to purchasing used lawn equipment – but there are a few drawbacks, too.

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying used lawn equipment and consider them carefully before you buy.
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| Author Littles, tagged in Residential Mowers, Used Mowers

How To Ensure High Lawn Equipment ROI For Your Landscaping Business

At the heart of your landscaping business is the equipment you rely on every day. To make sure your landscaping business not only starts off on the right foot, but continues to be productive in the future, you need to find the best equipment.

Commercial lawn equipment is a big investment for any landscaping business, and you want to ensure a high return on this investment. Explore the three steps you should take when buying lawn equipment needed to start a landscaping business to make sure it has a high ROI.

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Keeping Your Fleet Running: What To Look For In A John Deere Dealer

If you’re in the market for a one mower, or a fleet of commercial lawn mowers, for your business, don’t underestimate the important role the dealership plays in the buying process. There are two kinds of dealers you could partner with: a dealership that you make a one-time purchase from, or a dealership that you build a long-term relationship with. It’s essential to find a dealership that is there in the long run, to support your fleet and keep it running efficiently.

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| Author Littles, tagged in Commercial Mowers, Landscaping Business

How To Select The Best Mower For 5 Acres Or More

If you’re maintaining 5 or more acres of land, you know it’s impossible to keep it looking great without a sturdy mower. But with so many premium riding mowers on the market, how do you choose the best one? Lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers for large parcels of land need to be durable and reliable.

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| Author Littles, tagged in Residential Mowers
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