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3 Ways To Customize Your John Deere Gator

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Add accessories to make your Gator utility vehicle perfect for the job you need to do.

The point of a utility vehicle is right there in the name: it’s all about utility and getting the job done. Like a Swiss army knife, a utility vehicle comes in different sizes, and it’s designed to be used for all kinds of tasks in a variety of conditions.

Unlike a Swiss army knife, though, with a John Deere Gator you can pick the specific tools and accessories that you want, and add them to create the exact vehicle that will work best for your needs. Here are three ways to customize your Gator.

1) Prepare For Rough Terrain

A sturdy, reliable vehicle like the Gator is made to be driven off-road, but “off-road” could be as smooth as a golf course or as challenging as a rocky mountain trail. If you’re planning to do a lot of driving in rough terrain, consider protecting yourself and the vehicle.

For instance, you can get a front brush guard if you’ll be using your Gator in wooded or scrubby areas. If you’ll be driving on rocky, uneven terrain, underbody armor can protect the engine and drivetrain from punctures, and Fox Shox can even out the ride a little.


2) Adapt For A Particular Job

People responsible for commercial property maintenance find the Gator easy and versatile for traveling around a multi-building campus. You can add accessories, such as tool racks and bucket holders, that make it easier to transport your equipment. Other add-ons make the Gator itself a tool. For instance, you can get a winch or a sprayer attachment.

Snow removal is a major responsibility for maintenance managers in northern climates. You can get a plow blade and salt spreader that will make your Gator perfect for clearing walkways. Tire chains and side-view mirrors will make it possible to drive around safely in bad conditions.

3) Get Comfortable

Regardless of where or why you’re driving your Gator, you may want to make the ride a little more comfortable. Enclose the cab and add a heater, upgrade to more comfortable seat belts, or install a stereo or just a holder for your cell phone.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. You can customize your Gator in dozens of different ways, and end up with the utility vehicle that is perfect for you.

Come into Little’s for a test drive, and talk to an expert about the best accessories to customize a Gator that is right for you. Schedule your test drive today.

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